This policy says how Prioriserv Consults ltd manages its health, safety & environmental responsibilities.

Prioriserv manages health, safety & environment policy by:

  •  Controlling our health and safety risks at work.
  •  Involving employees on health, safety & environment issues that affect them.
  •  Making sure that our employees work in a safe environment and any equipment they use is safe.
  •  Making sure dangerous substances are stored, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  •  Making sure employees, especially new employees, have relevant information and training on health, safety & environment policy.
  •  Making sure employees can do their jobs, and are properly trained.
  •  We stop accidents and work-related health problems.
  •  Regularly checking that working conditions are safe and healthy.
  •  Regularly reviewing our policy and making changes if necessary.